Lunch is served Tuesday - Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    • Salads

    • House Salad

      Assorted greens with tomatoes and choice of champagne vinaigrette or bleu cheese dressing (bleu cheese crumbles on request).

    • Soup and Salad

      And "endless cup" of Patty's french onion soup, with house dinner salad and choice of dressing.

    • Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast

    • Caesar Salad with 6 Chilled or Grilled Prawns

      Hearts of romaine tossed with fresh caesar dressing, topped with homemade croutons and parmesan cheese.

    • Stuffed Tomato

      Filled with tuna, garnished with olives, artichoke hearts, croutons, and a hard boiled egg on a bed of mixed greens, and choice of dressing.

    • Seared Ahi Salad

      Cold seared fresh ahi served on a bed of spring salad, tossed in a lite Asian dressing with a hard boiled egg.

    • BLT Salad

      Over a 1/2 pound of chopped bacon on a bed of fresh greens with tomatoes, artichoke hearts and hard boiled egg with choice of dressing.

    • Cold Sandwiches

      Our lunch cold sandwiches are served with lettuce, tomato, American or Swiss cheese, (sliced onion on request) on a french roll, wheat or rye bread. Splits $6 extra.

    • Ham and Cheese

      Choice of American or Swiss on choice of bread

    • Tuna

      All white tuna with lettuce and tomato on choice of bread.

    • Hot Sandwiches

      Our lunch hot sandwiches are served with your choice of cottage cheese, potato salad, sliced tomatoes or french fries. Splits $6 extra.

    • Kobe Beef Cheeseburger

      Half-pound beef patty cooked to your liking and topped with lettuce, tomato and onion on brioche bun. Quarter-pound, $10. With bacon and eggs on top, add $4.

    • Patty Melt Kobe Beef Burger

      Half-pound Kobe beef cooked to your liking and served on grilled rye bread with sauteed onions and American cheese. Quarter-pound choice.

    • BLT

      Half-pound lean bacon on wheat toast.

    • Grilled Ham and Cheese

      Swiss or American cheese served on french roll or rye bread.

    • Pastrami

      Lean and sliced thin, Swiss cheese on request, on a french roll.

    • "Johnny Yuma" Style Pastrami

      Pastrami with grilled onions, jalapeños and Swiss cheese on a french roll.

    • Grilled Chicken Breast

      Grilled marinated slightly spicy served on a french roll.

    • Grilled Chicken Wraps

      Served on butter lettuce with choice of artichoke hearts, beets, jalapeños, onions, olives and tomatoes.

    • Grill Entrees

      Our lunch grill entrees include grilled french bread, french fries and salad with choice of champagne vinaigrette or blue cheese dressing. Grilled onions and sauteed mushrooms on request. Splits $6 extra.

    • 10 oz. Prime Flat Iron Steak

    • 12 oz. Kobe Ground Beef Steak

    • 6 oz. Prime Filet Mignon

    • 10 oz. Grilled Chicken Plate

    • Rib Eye


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